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Summer Peach Margarita

When it’s peach season, I ALWAYS have peaches around. I throw ‘em in salads, I eat them with yogurt and granola, I make all kinds of desserts, and this summer, I’ve been making peach COCKTAILS like crazy. I’ve never loved making cocktails until this summer when of course… I’m super pregnant and can’t actually enjoy…


One-Skillet Brown Butter Stone Fruit Torte

This one-skillet torte is inspired 100% by the famous Original Plum Torte by Marian Burros. I probably made this torte 10 times last summer, and I’ve been dreaming of the day when stone fruit would be back in season so I could make it again. But then, the day came. And I couldn’t force myself…


Summer Tomato, Corn and Peach Salad with Avocado and Grilled Halloumi

  I have been making this salad multiple times per summer since we moved to California seven years ago. Tomatoes, corn, and peaches and all perfectly in season at the same time, requiring minimal work to become an absolutely delicious salad when tossed all together. Need a fresh, delicious side for a potluck? Make this…


Chipotle Steak Tacos with Grilled Peach Salsa and Mashed Avocado

Back when I had a resume, it used to list “taco-tarian” as a hobby. I am passionate about tacos. Fresh tortillas, delicious fillings, plus toppings of the creamy and zesty and tangy variety. This is a really good taco. Flank steak is marinated for up to 24 hours, but as little as 30 minutes in…